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Nigerian Worship Leader & Songwriter, Felix Ani drops a powerful worship mid-tempo gospel pop song titled: Nara Ekele

Nara ekelem is a song bourne out og heart of gratitude to God as enjoined in psalm 100:4. It came at a period in my life when it seemed as though there was nothing to thank God for until He began to remind me of experiences I ordinarily shouldn’t have survived but for His mercy and love. Nara ekelem literally means “Receive my thanks”. It is rendered in the contemporary Nigerian mid-tempo gospel pop genre.

Felix chukwuka Ani is a Nigerian worship leader, songwriter, minister of the word, with a bias for the R & B genre. He started writing songs at the age of 12 and has written a lot of songs; some of which have become anthems in his local assembly and a few of them are featured in his soon to be released debut album.

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Lord we magnify your holy; yes we do

Not a million words,
Not a billion songs ,
All the riches in the world won’t do
To appreciate your love,
Your mercy and your grace
But I just have to say thank you.
I lift my hands up and bless your name
If no one else will, I will sing your praise

Nara ekele, Nara otitom
Ekwesili o,nani gi by eze
Nara ekele Nara otitom
Omemma Mani GI nu eze

See it always blows my mind
Why you take my place
How you could pay a debt you did not owe
Now I see your sacrifice,the power of love
Even when I was too blind, too blind to know
Lord I am grateful for all you ve done
And I will praise you forevermore

Nara ekele, Nara otitom
Ekwesili o,nani gi by eze
Nara ekele Nara otitom
Omemma Mani GI nu eze

Omemma Mani GI nu eze(till fade)



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